The End to My Beginning.

Emma. 20. I Like To Write. Read Books. I Want To Travel. One Day I Will Visit Great Britain. Meet Me A British Guy and fall In Love. I also Like to Dream A lot Too.

Thank You.
Do the Unthinkable, And people might have a Change of Mind.

19. February 2014

You better work.
But I’m tired of this bull****


It’s #TheFosters winter premiere and#ManCrushMonday today so here are two posters of the crush worthy  David Lambert and Jake T Austin! 
Good Morning. Bad hair, Bad Breathe, just so tired.
So I decide to Fix My Eyebrows. Didn’t go so Well. So I felt like crying Cause they still ugly…but I’m glad i didn’t shave them off
11. January 2014

They say if you like your job then you never consider it as work. But my job I’m tired of working there, i rather travel my life away.


Don’t look for me.Thank you
11. January 2014

been waiting forever for a book. now my series of books is completed and now i can finally read the last two books. - A Fallen Novel

this song was my favorite in the movie and on my Phone…

(Source: Spotify)